About Us


My name is Jemika Newman and I am the creator of Ambitious Naturals.

Like most little girls, I loved playing with barbies. However, I always found myself spending more time styling their hair. I simply loved experimenting with different hair styles and products on my barbie’s hair, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I took a strong interest in cosmetology during high school. I dedicated my energy into learning the science behind hair, as well as how to professionally wash, cut and style. I went on to attend a co-op program in a successful hair salon, David Mitchell. Although I was offered a position at the salon after completing my co-op term, I decided to pursue higher education. Throughout the duration of my journey towards a degree in Sociology, I maintained a consistent client base. 

In 2012, I began to watch various natural hair Youtubers. I was amazed by their hair journey, so I decided to start my own. I cut all of my damaged hair then began my healthy hair journey. I started expanding my knowledge on hair care, paying special attention to particular ingredients. I found that many ingredients in natural hair products were unhealthy options, and should be avoided. Building on my passion, I began making my own DIY products. My hair started to flourish! I began to receive constant compliments on the state of my hair! So I have launched this hair care line. You can be confident that not only will your hair flourish with these products as well, but my products are health conscious and will remain affordable to my everyday Ambitious Naturals!